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What is Petrus?

Petrus is a tool for administering applications for development cooperation funds. The funds might be from the state, or campaigns intended for raising money for development cooperation. The system intends to be a tool for storing and structuring all information in the application, report and decision process.

Who uses Petrus?

Petrus is used by umbrella organisations that has direct access to applying for development cooperation funds. These umbrella organisations have member organisations that are directly involved in projects in need of funding.

Overview of the Petrus data structure

The illustration above, shows how the participants in the fund application flow are connected. Petrus focuses on the entities under the umbrella organisation:

The funding organisations above the umbrella organisations are represented with their contributed amount per project. At this point Petrus does not cover the interactiion between the umbrella organisation and funding organisation.

Project funds are applied for per project, per year, and is administered by the umbrella org., while the umbrella org. applies the funding org. for the total amount over a multi-year period.

The illustration below shows how programmes, projects, contract periods and project years are organized under the member organisation:

Custom forms migration

Some form setups does not fit into the Petrus scheme, and also member organisations might not be familiar with working in Petrus. Using the PetrusFormProcessor it is possible to create a fully customized form, or migrate/convert an existing form. It can easily be created in a word processor like OpenOffice or Microsoft Office. By saving it as HTML it can be uploaded to the Petrus Form Processor, and then applicants can fill out their own instances of the forms using their own reference code.

When using Petrus with the PetrusFormProcessor these reference codes are pre-generated and linked to organisations, programmes or project in Petrus. The illustration below shows how the external form is linked from an information section in Petrus. By giving the exact same link to the applicant as is showed in the form frame in Petrus, the applicant can edit the form without being logged into Petrus – and later the form can be accessed from the appropriate information section in Petrus.